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Brendan Garvin

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Dampproofing vs. Waterproofing: Know the Difference

Waterproofing typically only makes up 1.8% of a building’s construction costs. However, after...

8 minutes read

Best Expansion Joint Filler Materials in Concrete Construction

It might seem counterintuitive that a little extra “stuffing” is necessary to allow a structure to...

9 minutes read

Concrete Mixing On-Site: Mixtures, Ratios & Tools

Today, you'll be playing the role of a chemist.

On-site mixing of materials offers commercial...

12 minutes read

Fluid-Applied Air Barrier Installation Guide – Commercial Builds

An installation job is the future measuring stick for quality and durability in a structure. Why...

9 minutes read

Concrete Resurfacing vs. Replacement, Repair, & Overlays

Commercial concrete work has an average lifespan of 30 years. What could go wrong … right?


9 minutes read

Supply Chain Management in Construction: Avoiding Project Delays

Supply chain management in construction is about more than adding products to a cart and unloading...

6 minutes read

Poor Storage Of Construction Site Materials & Products: 7 Signs

When you walk in the front door after work, do you fling your keys and coat into a pile on the...

9 minutes read

Expansion Joint Failure Analysis: Concrete Examples of What Not to Do

You learn the most when you fail. Yet, in commercial construction, failure often isn’t an option. 


9 minutes read

How to Install Foam Expansion Joints

Most people think of buildings as a static feature of the environment. They don't realize that...

11 minutes read

The Best Weather-Resistant Barrier for Building Construction

Beware: The term “-resistant” does not = “-proof.”

Selecting the right weather-resistant barrier...

12 minutes read