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Air & Vapor Barriers - Commercial Weatherproofing Products

Sustainability demands and serious climate events are increasing across the Mid-Atlantic and New England. Your team and its weatherproofing products must be up to the task.

No matter the project, Garvin’s weather-resistant barriers safeguard your commercial building envelope for decades to come. We supply the following air and vapor barrier products and accessories:

  • Liquid-applied membranes – permeable, impermeable, & fire-rated
  • Self-adhered sheet membranes – permeable, impermeable, & fire-rated
  • Self-adhered sheet flashing – easy peel-and-stick application
  • Extruded silicone sheet flashing – for sealing & glazing during building construction
  • Other accessories – termination & transition sealants
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Many distributors can sell you an air barrier system or vapor retarder, but Garvin creates entire solutions for subcontractors:
  • Guide you on sustainable solutions for LEED and other accreditations for energy efficiency and air quality
  • Generations of protection from deterioration due to condensation, mold/mildew, & other threats
  • Boost your efficiency by quickly recommending and sourcing the product that’ll save costs (for you and the building owner) and installation hassles

Air & Vapor Barriers

Garvin only sells advanced commercial air/vapor products from proven weatherproofing product makers. We’re a licensed distributor for:

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Why Garvin for Air & Vapor Barriers?

Through nearly 75 years and three generations, Garvin has become the Northeast’s leader in air and moisture barriers. As with all construction product lines we offer, we live for being more than just a vending machine:

Fast expertise

Accelerate your schedule by leaning on our deep specialization in air and vapor barriers for walls. Our Product Mangers can explain system compatibility, guiding you toward the best project fit.

Full education

We’re the region’s only air and vapor barrier supplier with in-house training services. We’ll help you address build site climate; tie-ins and transitions; and the ideal application of spray, roller, and fluid barriers.

Far-reaching support

For bid submission assistance, shop drawings, and on-site technical services, contact us today. We’ll also work with you transparently to navigate market changes and identify alternative sourcing solutions.

Garvin has proven success with just about any barrier or job type:
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Need expansion joints in a pinch? Garvin’s warehouses in Maryland, New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Connecticut are fully stocked, serving the entire Northeast.

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