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We are a company built on a long history of helping great things get built.


Garvin Construction Products

Garvin Construction Products provides design professionals, contractors and owners with more than 70 years of materials sourcing expertise. Whether it’s commercial waterproofing, glass and glazing, tinting, roofing or OEM manufacturing, we help you meet the most demanding construction and restoration challenges.



Serving New England since 1949

Garvin Construction Products Inc. has been servicing the construction industry throughout New England since 1949. Across three generations of family ownership, the company has grown to become the largest provider of waterproofing and restoration products in the region.



Dependable building solutions

Advanced construction engineering technologies, evolving building codes and ever-changing energy efficiency requirements demand a unique expertise in building envelope solutions. And Garvin Construction Products delivers.



Northeast’s Leading Distributor

Garvin Construction Products is the Northeast’s leading distributor of contractor materials for complete building envelope solutions — specializing in commercial waterproofing, restoration, glass and glazing, roofing and OEM manufacturing, as well as bridge, power and civil infrastructure supplies.



Fully Stocked Warehouses

With fully stocked warehouses across NY, NJ, MA,MD and CT, Garvin Construction Products is dedicated to helping contractors, general contractors, developers and property managers complete their new construction and restoration projects effectively, efficiently and on time.



Technical Sales Consultants

Our technical sales consultants have extensive experience in materials selection to help you identify the right products for every job. Drawing from an inventory of over 7000 products, and working with leading manufacturers who are at the forefront of materials science technology, we help you find what you need — and get it onsite fast.


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 Fully stocked warehouses across the Northeast