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Garvin Construction Products provides expert materials selection to get the job done right and done fast.


Concrete Repair & Protection

Cement your subcontractor reputation by safeguarding the people, property, and optics of your concrete build. Garvin supplies coatings, repair compounds, and strengthening systems for seamless continuity and structural durability.

Below-Grade Waterproofing

Moisture management – both above – and below-grade – is paramount to keep your spaces occupied and driving revenue. Our commercial waterproofing product manager will educate and supply you with the best-fit membranes and accessories for your job site.

Facade & Structural Glazing

There’s more pressure than ever for architectural facade designs to meet LEED ratings and think sustainability-first. Our experts can source and train you on structural sealant and glazing for curtain and window walls, masonry, and rainscreen facades.

Joint Sealants

From stadiums to prisons to warehouse floors, we’re an expert in sending you away with the right sealant. Along with horizontal and vertical urethane and silicone sealants, we offer custom color matching and tinting.

Air & Vapor Barriers

As energy-efficiency demands increase, job site climates become more unpredictable. We’ll save you and the building owner costs and installation hassles by quickly sourcing the right membranes, flashings, and accessories.

Expansion Joints

These joints are often the first source of leaks in buildings and concrete, but many architects and engineers don’t understand why. We’re the Northeast’s only distributor with training services for expansion joints including the sealants, caulking, and other fillers and covers for these joints.

Who’s going to better support your construction project’s specific needs – a jack-of-all-trades  (but master of none)? Or a materials expert with deep specialization in concrete, weatherproofing products, and building envelope systems?

Garvin is 100% unique among Northeast construction and building material distributors because we arm you with both supplies and solutions. With the right product and sourcing strategy in hand, you’ll earn a reputation for quality and win more jobs.

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Garvin Construction Products is a licensed distributor of industry leading manufacturers. We’re fully stocked to meet your most demanding material needs – come team with us and industry-leading names like:

Here are just a few suppliers for which Garvin is a licensed distributor:

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More Than Commercial Building Materials

You’ve sourced construction products through a distributor before – has it ever felt like more than a “just OK” experience? We genuinely want to make your life as a project manager easier – by being more than a vending machine:



We’re the Northeast’s only construction materials supplier with in-house training services for new products and what might work best on specific job sites. Our tech personnel will match you to the best mix of quality, budget, and application-specific factors.


Serving 13 states with five warehouses, we go above and beyond to supply more quickly than other building material suppliers. And as experts on the products themselves, we’ll make sure you get it right the first time.


As a true support pillar, we’re transparent and proactive in helping you navigate market changes and find alternative solutions.For additional help with submittal packages, shop drawings, and on-site technical services, contact us today.