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Joint Sealants for Construction


In virtually any structure, the joints are the weak spots. The right joint sealants can turn that weakness into an advantage for your concrete or building envelope. Garvin offers supplies and support for sealing gaps and cracks in a wide array of commercial construction situations. Whether you’re worried about weatherproofing, pest control, or fire rating, we’ll set you up with the right materials.


Solidify your pavement, concrete parking deck, plaza, or masonry with our:

  • One- and two-part urethane joint sealants
  • Silicone joint sealants
  • Horizontal joint sealants
  • Vertical joint sealants
  • Expansion joint sealants
List of Manufacturers

Joint Sealants

Let our massive product network become your network too. We stock materials from the industry’s best construction sealant supply companies.

We’re a licensed distributor for companies and products such as:

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Why Garvin for Joint Sealants?

You’ve been sold to by a construction products distributor before, but have you ever felt fully supported?  With all construction product lines we offer, our goal is to solve your problems, not just sell for them.


It starts with custom color matching and tinting options. From there, our deep specialization in joint sealants will help you stretch your limits by advising you on specialty, new, and high-end products.

Training & Testing

We’re the Northeast’s only joint sealants supplier with in-house training services for new products. To ensure material adhesibility, we even offer Dow pull testing.


Managing a construction project’s supply chain is maddening work – that’s why we go above and beyond to give you faster, fuller support. We report market forecasts, alternative sourcing solutions, and bid opportunities to you proactively and transparently.

From Winthrop Center in Boston the new Google office building in Cambridge, Mass., Garvin has a durable, adhesive sealant for every commercial construction job:

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Ready to level up your weatherproofing results? Garvin supplies the entire Northeast (13 states) with concrete joint sealant solutions.

For a consultation, reach out to one of our five branches:

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