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Concrete Repair & Protection

Even with structural concrete, a single point of failure can lead to serious problems.


Concrete deteriorates over time due to harsh weather conditions, chemical exposure, and heavy loads that gradually shift. Garvin supplies commercial-grade concrete repair products and solutions to safeguard the people, property, and optics of your build.

  • Maintain seamless continuity
  • Strengthen existing structures
  • Prevent corrosion
  • Patch & repair spalls
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Garvin offers the following concrete products and materials:

Penetrating sealers and Corrosion Inhibitors

Protects against water, salt, and corrosion 

Epoxy Repairs

Rigid bonding agent for filling cracks

Repair & restoration compounds

Patching repair mortars & natural cleaners to revive profiles

Wall & deck coatings

High-durability traffic membranes and facade protection 

Structural strengthening

Increase your build's bend, shear, & seismic resistance

List of Manufacturers

Concrete Repair Products

Whether you’re trying to repair, protect, or resurface commercial concrete, we’ve got a solution. We’re a licensed distributor for many leading concrete product manufacturers:

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Why Garvin for Concrete Repair & Protection Products?

It’s tough work fighting cracks, corrosion, and structural failures alone – let alone on a frantic schedule. No matter the construction product type, Garvin can be both a supplier and a strategic partner for your peace of mind:

In-house value

Not sure how to work with a new product or job site? We’re the Northeast’s only concrete product distributor with its own training staff, providing you invaluable guidance on material application and cost benefit.


Project managers lean on us because we know our stuff, and we communicate effectively. Serving 13 states with our five warehouses, we go above and beyond to source more quickly and transparently than the others.


What sounds better … half-hearted service from a general distributor, or 75 years of dedicated craftsmanship in concrete solutions? We have the experience to proactively support bid opportunities, advise on tough supply chain situations, and recommend alternative fixes.

From Longfellow Bridge and O’Neill Tunnel in Boston to Union Station in Worcester, Mass., Garvin products prove you’re capable of anything.

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Need concrete repair products in a pinch? Garvin’s warehouses in Maryland, New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Connecticut are fully stocked and ready to serve the entire Northeast.

To learn more, reach out here: