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Architectural Facade Systems – Products for Panels, Walls, & Glazing

Many of today’s architectural facade designs use highly engineered curtain and window wall systems as a critical piece of the building’s aesthetic. While the views are spectacular, they add pressure to balance visual appeal with energy performance, especially as building codes continue to become more strict. Garvin Construction Products partners with top manufacturers to supply materials that help fabricate or install your facade glazing, curtain and window walls, masonry, and rainscreens. No matter the building envelope design, these materials will protect both its form and function from wind, air, water, and UV.

Winthrop Glazing

Installers, fabricators, and manufacturers leverage Garvin for not just product distribution, but also our expertise in them. We offer supply-and-apply support for:

  • Joint sealants
  • Weatherseals for window walls
  • Glazing & bonding structural tape
  • Expansion joints
  • Silicone sheets/boots
  • Paintable caulking
Facade System Components

List of Manufacturers 

The building envelope should be an equal balance of design, performance and user comfort. Garvin supplies a tremendous range of products as well as technical support so that your facade system performs optimally and is air- and water-tight.

These are just a few of the trusted manufacturers for which we’re a licensed distributor:

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Why Garvin for Architectural Facade Systems?

Across all construction products we offer, our goal is to be your source of solutions, not just transactions.


Jacks-of-all-trades sound great, until you learn they’re a master of none and can’t take your business to the next level. To get the perfect balance of quality and cost, lean on Garvin’s deep specialization in products that protect metal panel cladding, glass walls, and more.

Training & Support

Don’t stress over unfamiliar products and job sites – we’re the Northeast’s only facade component distributor with in-house training services. We also proactively and transparently report to you tricky supply chain situations, alternative sourcing solutions, and potential bid opportunities.


Serving 13 states, we go above and beyond to source more quickly than other facade material suppliers. Our partner network, five warehouses, and product mastery will get you the right solution at the right time.

From Boston Logan Airport to storefront facade glazing, Garvin has a solution for just about any commercial construction scenario:

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What are your moisture, air, and climate concerns? Garvin supplies the entire Northeast with architectural facade sealants, tapes, and more via warehouses in New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. Consult with our experts below:

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