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A Distributor of Commercial Building Products – And Solutions

Solving waterproofing, building envelope, and concrete supply challenges for the Northeast since 1949.

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Tired of Being the Sole ‘Source’ of Solutions? We Can Help With The Tough Choices

Busy Project Managers and Sub-contractors need more than a vending machine that spits out generic construction material solutions. That’s why we bristle at being called “building product distributors” – our goal is a much broader solution that takes time and stress off your hands.

Serving the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic, our range of construction industry solutions spans before, during, and between projects. From product selection to training to supply management, we emphasize precision, compliance, and satisfaction of the subcontractor and the property owner.

Garvin Services – Building Product Distribution

Distribution Services

Arm yourself with a catalog of 7,000+ waterproofing, concrete repair, & building envelope protection products from top manufacturers. Each Garvin consultant has extensive experience in material selection for a range of job sites, balancing price, quality, & availability.

Product Training

Only one distributor in the Northeast staffs an entire technical training team in-house – Garvin. Skip the line and let us connect you with in-person, virtual, on-site, AIA lunch-and-learn, or live-demo training.


Full Inventory Management

We’ll proactively match you to what you need, when you need it. Lean on us for warehousing, stock and lead checks, forecasting, emergency Moffett deliveries on-site, and more.


We can help facilitate testing on most products.  Test options include standard pull, standard field adhesion test to make sure there is the proper bond to the substrate(s), laboratory stain testing on substrates, and color matching, among others.  We can perform standard pull tests and field adhesion testing. For other testing options, we work with the customer and the manufacturer.  

Pre-Build Support

Get essential pre-construction mockup support so your models and shop drawings fully assess the impact of materials, design, & construction methods. We also help with project submittal packages, carefully documenting product info, samples, & technical data for a smarter vetting and approval process.

Color Matching

Custom color matching and tinting for coating and sealants adds consistency and flexibility to your work. Whether you're restoring masonry or repairing a surface, we'll ensure your project honors the building's character or precisely meets the architect's specifications

Our Construction Solutions and Supply Lineup

Got a project in mind where you could benefit from both building materials and construction solutions? Get started today and check out our product distribution lineup – from waterproofing membranes to concrete sealers and much more:

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