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Other suppliers sell construction products. Garvin sells construction solutions.

Garvin grants you access to not just industry-leading vendors, but also material selection experts so you get the job done quickly – and correctly.

In a growing sea of generalists who provide mediocre service for a wide variety of construction products, Garvin delivers specialty solutions. We arm you with knowledge and make you the expert.

Serving 13 states, our five warehouses are fully stocked across the Northeast:

At a Glance :


We’re the Northeast’s only construction distributor with enough mastery to offer in-house training for products and system solutions. Virtual, in-office, or on-site, we can help keep your team and project on track.


Juggling the supply of commercial construction products is stressful and hectic – we get it. We make management smoother by proactively matching you to products and projects, keeping your specialized needs fully stocked in at least one of our locations.


One reason customers have come here since 1949 is that we’re more agile and focused than the competition. We’re responsive to questions, provide quick warehouse turnarounds, deliver in emergencies, and guide you toward the solution best for you – not just for us.

What Does Garvin Construction Products Do?

Who Supplies Our Commercial Construction Materials?

Garvin’s partners are hand-picked from the top of the commercial construction supply industry. This isn’t big-box store stuff – these are advanced building products for your most demanding material needs.

Here are just a few suppliers for which Garvin is a licensed distributor:

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