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Quality Products For Restoration Projects

8 minutes read

Construction workers conversing and overlooking their work zone

Searching for construction products and trying to find high-quality options can be tough. You can find almost anything you need for your construction project, but how can you be sure of the quality of these products?

With restoration being this important, it’s crucial to trust a company that’s known for proven, reliable standards. For over 70 years, Garvin Construction Products has been the go-to for quality construction products for building restoration and more.

Products for Any Kind of Building Restoration

No matter the building or area, we have products that can get you through the toughest projects. We offer construction products for specialized building restoration that are built to withstand weather and other structural dangers. In addition to providing general restoration items, we sell everything you need for restoring parking garages, masonry and facades, plaza decks, wastewater treatment facilities, and more.

Building under construction
Construction worker hammering on top of a building

Parking Garages

Using high-quality construction products for parking garage restoration is important for safety and practicality. Most of these projects require you to repair and also protect the structure from further damage from the elements. Luckily, Garvin Construction Products provides everything for a successful restoration. Our patching mortar and structural strengthening products are perfect for repair work, while we offer clear sealing and structural strengthening products for future protection from damage.

We also offer joint sealants and materials for waterproofing. Check out our products specifically for parking garage restoration.

Masonry and Facades

Keep your buildings safe and looking beautiful with our assortment of products for masonry and facades. Whether you’re trying to waterproof, mitigate corrosion, protect against damage, or simply clean the building, we have you covered. From foam expansion joints to cleaning detergents to coatings, our offerings cover a wide array of needs.

For brick or concrete structures, there’s no better choice than Garvin Construction Products.

Plaza Deck

Plaza decks are usually high-trafficked and receive a lot of attention, making these areas prime candidates for restoration. Deterioration can cause safety issues, as well as create an eyesore for visitors. Quality products are needed to ensure that these areas are operating as they should. We provide hot or cold fluid applied membranes and sheet, as well as the flashing accessories.


Keeping wastewater treatment facilities updated and using quality restoration products is important to maintain efficiency and ensure they’re working properly. The construction, repairing, or improving of wastewater facilities is crucial for the people the facility is servicing. Using our Coatings, Clear Sealers & Corrosion Inhibitors ensures that these restoration projects are done safely and effectively.

A successful building restoration can completely change how a structure looks and operates, given that the products used for the project are high-quality. Garvin Construction Products features over 7000 products total, many of which are perfect for your next restoration project. Contact us today to learn more about the solutions.