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Residential Waterproofing Solutions Q&A

7 minutes read

As a homeowner, one of your top priorities is keeping your property in good shape. From the initial construction phases to basement waterproofing and routine maintenance, making sure your home is safe from the elements, like water, keeps your family comfortable and your finances more secure.


Let’s explore your options for residential waterproofing, including the best way to protect the foundation of your home; below grade waterproofing.

What is Below Grade Waterproofing?

Do you know which part of your home is the most vulnerable to moisture and flooding? The basement. Existing below the ground, these walls are especially susceptible to water. Moisture build-up and flooding can wreak havoc on your basement resulting in cracks and structural damage that is costly to repair.


As its name suggests, below grade waterproofing helps prevent this. Waterproofing membranes and other solutions, such as a residential vapor barrier, are used on the walls and flooring to create a barrier and protect the concrete.

When Do I Need Below Grade Waterproofing?

It’s best to invest in home waterproofing services during the construction phase of building your home. The first thing you should do when designing a home is take the time to understand the land’s soil and underground water conditions where your foundation will live. This gives you an idea of the waterproofing solutions you will need to incorporate into the design of your home.


Then during the construction process, the below grade waterproofing system will be installed and typically includes the use of waterproofing membranes and effective drainage solutions. Then you have a basement vapor barrier that should be water-resistant for the life of the building!

What Are The Benefits of Below Grade Waterproofing?

Basement waterproofing has a multitude of benefits. It protects the concrete in below grade areas to extend its life and efficacy. Therefore, it also helps reduce maintenance costs associated with water damage. Below grade waterproofing is an investment for the life of your home. Whether you choose to live there forever to put it on the market at some point, having these features increases the value of your property.

What Products Do I Need For Residential Waterproofing?

Wondering what you need to complete a waterproofing project in your basement? There are several home waterproofing products you can choose from no matter if you’re in the beginning stages of construction or need to touch up an existing waterproofing system.


From blind side membranes and self-adhered sheet membranes to damp-proofing and hot rubberized asphalt, there is something available for every residential waterproofing project. Garvin Construction Products delivers trusted products for Below Grade Waterproofing for all of your construction needs.


Contact us today to learn more about our selection of products and how our trusted professionals can help you find the right solution for your project.