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Products and Materials to Enhance the Building Envelope

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Whether it’s the sweltering heat of summer or the chilling cold of winter, making sure your building is properly protected from the outside weather should be a priority. The building envelope, or what protects your home or building from outside elements, is something Garvin Construction Products specializes in. The importance of the building envelope is often taken for granted, but placing a focus on prioritizing it can make a world of difference. Here are some of the products and materials that we use to enhance the building envelope.

Air & Vapor Barriers and Flashings

Through a variety of products including flashing, sealant, or membranes, we can improve your building envelope starting with the roof. Flashing will effectively weatherproof the roof and block moisture or water from entering the building. Membrane provides a similar waterproofing and vapor controlling ability by using a thin layer of material. Finally, termination sealant ensures that air leakage is at a minimum.

Below Grade Waterproofing

Just as we use membranes on your roof, these can also waterproof your walls, windows, and more. We offer drainage composites that can be used in multiple places in and around homes or buildings, and are designed for facilitating water drainage to avoid buildup and the issues that arise with water damage. We also provide hot rubberized asphalt as a heavy-duty waterproofing solution.

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Curtain Wall and Metal Panel

Garvin Construction Products offers an extensive list of solutions for improving the building envelope of walls, including curtain walls and metal paneling. In addition to the aforementioned membranes and sealing, we sell glazing tapes and gaskets for use on windows, as well as Very High Bond Tape for any number of weatherproofing uses.

Joint Sealants and Weatherproofing

Joint sealing is a crucial step in weatherproofing a building and our materials result in high-quality construction. Our Silicone and Urethane sealants are necessary for creating a solid seal between surfaces, and our Precompressed Foam Expansion Joints seal any gap. Our membranes—both Cold Applied and Deck—can be applied outdoors to create a waterproof surface.

Structural Glazing, Weather Seal and Insulation

For glass walls and large windows, structural glazing is imperative in controlling the elements and conserving energy. Adhesives and sealants provide a strong bond to solidify the building envelope. Our spray foam also provides secure insulation to help weatherproof and keep the inside of the building comfortable.

The only things more important than having a strong building envelope are the quality of supplies you use to create it. Garvin Construction Products provides high-quality building envelope solutions with an inventory of over 7000 products. Contact us today to learn more about the solutions and expertise we provide or take a look at our product offerings.