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Moderna Science Center


Moderna Science Center


Alexandria Real Estate


Cambridge, MA

Construction Manager:

John Moriarty & Associates (JMA)



Envelope Consultant:


Garvin Customers:

Beacon Waterproofing, Ipswich Bay Glass

What we supplied:

Air & vapor barriers, traffic coating, waterproofing for green roof, sealants, structural silicone for curtain wall, and pressure-sensitive adhesive

The Challenge – Building a Green Workspace

Moderna, a leading biotech company and developer of one of the three COVID-19 vaccines, is building a new office and laboratory complex in Cambridge, Mass. The ambitious, 462,000 sq. ft., mixed-use project at 325 Binney St. is expected to be one of the region’s most sustainable life science facilities.

The building is designed to meet stringent environmental standards, including LEED Platinum Core & Shell (the highest attainable credit level), LEED Zero Energy, and Fitwel certifications. 

Beyond providing state-of-the-art laboratory space and premium office accommodations, Moderna Science Center will incorporate collaborative gathering spaces, walking paths, and open outdoor areas – including a green roof. Moderna hopes to attract and retain top-tier talent with the facility. 

The Solution – A Well-Sealed Building Envelope

Our role in this landmark project was a collaboration with Beacon Waterproofing and Ipswich Bay Glass. 

Garvin’s contributions included conducting on-site sealant pull tests on the louvers to confirm adhesion (such as glass to aluminum, aluminum to aluminum, and precast to aluminum). We also supplied Beacon with essential materials including barriers, waterproofing for the green roof, and joint sealants for weatherproofing the building.

We also coordinated logistics with Beacon to align delivery of materials with the crane pick schedule. 

Garvin also worked with Ipswich Bay Glass to supply structural sealant for the fabrication of the curtain wall, pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) bonding tape for the composite wall panels, and the perimeter caulking of their own assemblies.  

The Results – A New Standard in Sustainability

The very foundation of an energy-efficient and sustainable building lies in its envelope. 

High-performing building envelopes play a pivotal role in reducing the thermal needs of buildings and facilitating clean energy transitions. As such, the choice of envelope structure and materials is particularly consequential, given the longevity of buildings and the considerable costs associated with their construction. 

In the case of Moderna's new headquarters, our company was instrumental in providing crucial building materials and construction solutions to fortify its building envelope, contributing to the overall energy efficiency and sustainability of the building. 

This project came at a time where supply and lead time challenges were expected. Garvin played a key role helping keep this project on schedule through servicing and delivering material to the site on time.

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