Dayton Towers Building Restoration

Far Rockaway, NY

Dayton Towers is one of the largest residential facilities in the New York area. Due to age and close proximity to the ocean punishing salt air, the concrete terraces and other exposed surfaces were in need of extensive repair.

Working with Garvin Construction Products, a complete repair system from BASF was chosen and included treatment of the reinforcing steel, specialty repair mortars, coatings and membranes.

Plaza Hotel and Condominiums Stone Repair

New York, NY

Restoration of this historic structure presented a unique challenge: repairing various types of stone substrates while maintaining their original aesthetic appearance.

Conproco offered their onsite expertise to aid in the installation of various materials and custom color matching. The restoration was completed using a number of mortars and coatings supplied by Garvin Construction Products, including Conproco Matrix stone repair mortar for the limestone and terra-cotta, as well as a and a liquid-applied consolidant from Prosoco for the exposed marble.

Oyster Bay Parking Garage

Hicksville, NY

For the construction of a new commuter parking garage at the Hicksville train station, the Town of Oyster Bay turned to Garvin Construction Products to supply a flexible, liquid applied waterproofing membrane.

Autogard manufactured by Neogard is designed to provide a non-slip, chemical resistant surface that provides additional protection to damage caused by freeze thaw cycles as well as its waterproofing characteristics.

Co-op City Building Restoration

Bronx, NY

Built in the 1960’s, Co-op City was one of the first residential complexes of its kind. Decades of exposure to the elements lead to deterioration of the exposed concrete and window sealants. An extensive restoration project began in 2005, and continued for a number of years.

Working with Garvin Construction Products as a key distributor, the project entailed the removal of all deteriorated concrete, new surface preparation, and a complete system of repair and protection using materials from Sika Corporation. The window glazing was done with a Silicone sealant manufactured by GE.

LaGuardia Airport Runway Repairs

Queens, NY

LaGuardia Airport is one of the nation’s busiest airports. In the late 1990’s LaGuardia’s runways required critical repairs. Using an epoxy overlay manufactured by BASF, Garvin Construction Products provided an extremely durable, non slip surface for the runways.

The resinous system was installed with a mineral aggregate by broadcast method at a half inch thickness. Over the years, new inset lighting installations have required that full depth sections of overlay be cut and repaired using the same system as the original.

Roslyn Viaduct Segmental Bridge

Roslyn , NY

Roslyn , NY

The Roslyn Viaduct is one of the main east-west routes in Long Island’s busy North Shore corridor. Because of its age, level of deterioration, and daily traffic volume, the original structure spanning the mouth of Hempstead Harbor had to be replaced.

The construction of the first pre-cast segmental bridge in the state of New York was started in 2008. Sikadur 31 SBA and Sikagrout 300 PT manufactured by Sika Corporation and supplied by Garvin Construction Products were used as an adhesive and grouting for the post tensioned precast segments for this impressive feat of construction.

Empire State Building Weathersealing

New York, NY

When New York’s world-famous Empire State Building was in need of weathersealing, its owners turned to Garvin Construction Products—and GE Sealants.

Because this iconic landmark is made from natural stone, it was critical that a non-staining sealant be used. For this hallmark project, which was completed in 2009, GE SCS9000 SilPruf* NB was used for joint sealant installation and window repairs. GE weatherseal products provide the two most critical attributes of effective weathersealing products: long-term efficacy in sealing out air and water and the ability to withstand weather and atmospheric conditions without degradation.

During this project, SCS9000 withstood a set of brutal tests simulating gale-force winds and torrential rains, demonstrating the stability of the products.

9/11 Memorial Reflecting Pools

New York, NY

The Reflecting Pools at the 9/11 Memorial sit in the foot print of the fallen World Trade Center Towers. Because of the symbolic nature and logistical complexity of the site, engineers required a waterproofing membrane that was both highly affective, and would provide a long service life.

With the help of Garvin Construction Products, CIM 1000 was selected for the job—a cold-applied, high performance coating and lining that forms a tough, seamless elastomeric membrane. Installation was successfully completed in 2012, prior to the erection of the exposed stone panels.