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5 Signs Your Building Needs Restoration

7 minutes read

Plaza Hotel under construction

Over time, even the most beautiful, well-constructed buildings need restoration. Not only does restoring buildings provide enhanced aesthetics, it also improves the safety and life of the structure. Restoration comes in many forms, but typically structures made of brick, concrete, and stone are the most commonly restored structure types. Whatever type of building you’re working on, here are five signs that it needs restoration.


The Building’s Lost its Original Appeal


Even if the building is structurally sound, it can still be improved upon. Restoration does just as the name suggests, it restores a building to appearing and functioning how it previously did—or even better. For some structures, it might not matter how it looks. However, historic buildings or storefronts often rely on their curb appeal. Using Garvin Construction Products provides you with the best materials to make sure the restoration goes smoothly.


There’s a Safety Issue


Sometimes restoration is necessary to guarantee safety. In the case of a parking garage, for example, damage over time from weather and heavy use calls for restoration. Restoring a parking garage might involve sealing and waterproofing joints so the structure withstands rain or using mortar to patch up cracks and other damage. If there are concerns around the structural safety of your building, it’s better to begin restoration sooner than later. 


Heavy Use Areas Aren’t Protected


Have you waterproofed your plaza deck? How about applied a corrosion inhibitor? Areas like plaza decks or other heavy use areas are prime candidates for restoration. Protecting the areas that are the most trafficked is a perfect investment. Not only do these areas last longer with restoration, they’re also much safer for everyone using them. If your building features a plaza deck, it might be overdue for some extra protection.


An Important Part of the Building is Aging


Restoration doesn’t always affect the entire building. Instead of renovating everything, restoration can focus on a more concentrated area. In cases like wastewater treatment facilities, even a small area that needs restoration makes a big difference. Issues including damage and the general effects of aging have the potential to cause major problems within municipalities. Restoring even a minor area of the facility prevents expensive and long-lasting damage.


The Building Has Historical Significance


Restoring a historic building for its aesthetic charm has already been touched on, but what about restoring a historic building because of its significance? When an older building shows signs of damage or needing restoration, its often considered for major renovation or even demolition to build a new structure. Restoration allows building owners to preserve historic buildings instead of drastically altering them through renovations. 


Concrete structures play an integral part in cities and towns across the country. It’s so omnipresent that it’s easy to forget what a crucial role it plays in our lives. This level of importance makes maintenance even more critical. Whether it’s from corrosion, damage, exposure to water, seismic activity, or anything else that can wear down concrete, restoration is key for keeping these structures at their strongest.


Garvin Construction Products provides high-quality solutions for restoring parking garages, masonry and facades, plaza decks, wastewater treatment facilities, and more. Contact us to learn more about the solutions and expertise we provide, or take a look at our product offerings.