4 Signs Your Building Has Water Damage

Water is an incredibly destructive element, so that’s nearly every homeowner and commercial property owner takes precautions to avoid leaks and excess moisture in their building(s).


However, even the most well-built structure can experience the effects of water damage at some point. Here are four signs that your building has water damage and some tips for reducing this costly destruction.

1. Changes to Floors, Ceiling, and Walls

The good thing about most water damage is that you can see it. In your home, you may notice a dark watermark on your ceiling that could mean your roof has a leak. If left untreated, the area can also appear bloated, flaky, or warped. You may also notice or even feel this happening to the walls.


In commercial properties, it’s important to check the floors for water damage too, particularly if the building has a sprinkler system. A leak from above can be a workplace hazard (wet floors) and even damage the sub-flooring if not addressed quickly.

2. Mold

Unfortunately, where there are undiagnosed leaks there’s often mold. Constant moisture creates the perfect environment for mold to grow, and in homes, it can often accumulate when there’s a leaky pipe in the kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room. In commercial properties, mold can also be an issue in the ceiling or floors where there’s sitting water.


While you can often see mold, a musty odor is another sign of this dangerous growth that can cause structural damage to your building and is not good for your health.

3. Increased Utility Cost

Your monthly utility bill can give you important insight into whether or not your building has leaks. If you suddenly notice your water bill increasing but you haven’t changed any habits that would cause it to do so, you may have an undiagnosed leak.


If you can’t determine where the leak is, it’s time to call in an expert. They have the knowledge and tools to safely search your building from top to bottom to find the cause of the problem.


4. Rust

Have you noticed that some of your appliances are getting a little rusty? If you realize important appliances (like a water heater or AC unit) in your basement or attic are becoming rusty, there may be a larger issue at hand. 


This can be a sign that there was an old leak in the area that was never fixed. Make sure to have a professional help assess the damage so you can understand if these appliances are salvageable or if you need to purchase new ones.


The best way to avoid water damage in your home or commercial building is to take the proper waterproofing measures from the start. Garvin Construction Products has a wide selection of below grade waterproofing and sealants that you need for your next water damage renovation or building project. 


Contact us today to learn more about waterproofing solutions.


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